Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Your Hosts at Cromey, in the heart of Burgundy

Eleanor Garvin and Dennis Sherman (El + Den = Elden) left the US in 1983 with the naïve idea of apprenticing themselves to the great chefs of Europe…and simply never went home.

Those of you who know Ellie know that she is a gifted chef, with a style and touch that makes finesse look easy. Her passion for ‘clean’ tastes translates as easily into French ‘haute cuisine’ as it does into Italian ‘cucina provinciale’. And having lived more than 30 years in Burgundy, she has made this region’s cuisine her own. Ellie is the author of ‘At Home in Burgundy: The Papillon Recipes’.

Dennis is a registered wine merchant, shipping small-production, estate-bottled Burgundy wines to private clients and collectors in the US via He is a professional wine taster and writes regularly and avidly on the subject. He is also a specialist ‘gastronomic’ tour guide, with experience throughout Europe.

Together, Ellie and Dennis owned and operated the luxury hotel-barge ‘Le Papillon’ for a decade in the 90’s. The popularity of ’Papillon-style’ holidays and their ever-growing reputations led them to expand the Papillon repertoire to ‘land-based’ holidays, and from 1993 until 2014 they took ‘Papillon Select Tours’ to villas in regions where food and wine are a priority.

But Burgundy is home, it’s in their blood. And now they are bringing 30+ years experience to the Domaine de Cromey, in the Heart of Burgundy.

Stephen and Lilly Lenehan are very much a team. They have spent their lives working in hospitality, much of it in the famous Beleek Castle hotel in the West of Ireland. They are accomplished cooks and wine professionals. Their love of wine brought them to Domaine de Cromey where they complement the much accomplished food and wine talents of Dennis and Ellie.

Among her many talents, Lilly is an accomplished pastry chef. Stephen was executive head chef at Beleek where he won many professional accolades. He won the Panel of Chefs award for excellence and is a Member of the Euro-Toques Food Council of Ireland. He has completed the WSET Educator Training Programme where he qualified with distinction. He was awarded the top mark in class for each of the three WSET (Wine Sprits Education Trust) levels. Stephen is now teaching at the Wine School at Domaine de Cromey.

JoAnn Chew has been with us since we started. She handles our customer service for our clients all over the United States. JoAnn was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and resides in Sonoma County wine country with her husband Andrew and two children.

She settled in the Sonoma Valley after graduating from California State University Sacramento. She has been working in wine sales for over 15 years. We met JoAnn when she was actively running her own business of managing small wineries with daily tasks of order processing, wine club processing, inventory control, email marketing, website management and customer service. We are happy she joined our team helping us do all that and more at Elden Selections.

In 2018 JoAnn and her husband came to visit us at Domaine de Cromey in Burgundy to learn more about the Elden wine philosophy and the Burgundy wine region. They are looking forward to more visits in the future. As JoAnn says ‘it’s probably impossible to learn everything about Burgundy in two lifetimes but it sure is fun trying’.

Ann Wupperman is our Marketing and Communication Manager and is based at the Domaine de Cromey. Born and bred in Burgundy, the multi-talented Ann plays a large role with us in all areas of our activities based on wine, food, tours and management. She has lived her whole life in the extraordinary and beautiful wine country of Burgundy, growing up close to the Domaine. Driven by a passion for wine and the elegant lifestyle of the region, Ann enjoys sharing this je ne sais quoi with visitors, particularly Americans, and has made her career and personal lifestyle from it.

Ann has a deep history in luxury travel, tourism and hospitality and is a certified tour guide and sommelier. She worked for the Belmont group specializing in providing Gourmet Deluxe Cruise trips on luxury barge hotels on the Burgundy canals. And for many years she worked as a manager for FCW, an American owned company operating luxury hotel barges on the canals of France.

Ann has dedicated her career to understanding the needs and expectations of clients and delivering on them in the areas of hospitality, wine, gourmet food and travel experiences. She is a certified wine taster and has participated in a number of wine competitions including “The feminalise”, a national competition only open two women from the world of wine. Ann is also part of our wine tasting team at the Domaine. When you come to visit us, you will see Ann driving her 1965 Fiat through the vineyards. As Ann likes to say “France is waiting for you”.

Loyal Elden customers for many years, David and Brenda Miley both have serious pedigrees in business. David’s is wide and varied. He is an entrepreneur involved in a number of industries and cultures. As luck would have it, this includes finance, marketing, construction and renovation. Brenda brings elegant and refined interior design and a vision born of experience. Their partnership and inspiration have let the Domaine de Cromey be re-born as the luxury manor house it is today, and enabled Elden Selections to flourish by bringing it to the Internet. Their support, creativity and counsel have made the dream come true. Dubliners by birth, they live in America, splitting their time between Florida and Maine, and travel regularly to Ireland and Burgundy.

Come and visit us in Burgundy.

Send a personal message with your questions, dates and more.

Just put ‘To Ann’ in the subject bar. We look forward to hosting you!

Dennis and Ellie

All the best from Burgundy