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Biking and hiking

Biking and Hiking in the Nature of Cromey

Step outside the gates of Cromey and you enter a great wide swath of nature waiting to be explored. Burgundy the beautiful.  And whether you hike or bike, climb or fly, prepare to be blown away. Magnificent sweeps of hills and vale, beautifully maintained back roads, canals and towpaths. Challenging ascents and cliff face for climbing. More natural bird habitat than you would ever imagine. And above all, a local infrastructure that makes it all even better and more accessible.

Cromey is an ideal situation to base your outdoor activities vacation.  We work with professional cycling guides, nature guides and climbers who can advise on itineraries and show you where the action is.  High quality bikes of every caliber are available for rent from our professional partners in Beaune.  Come to Burgundy. Let us help you organize the trip of a lifetime.

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