Burgundy Wine Club – Part 1

Posted by admin | October 16, 2020 | Blog

Elden’s wine club is unique because it seeks to take its members on a journey through Burgundy to learn and find the wines they like the most, and wines they can fall in love with. To do the story justice, it appears in a three-part blog series. This is part 1 of 3.

Many people find themselves wanting to know more about the wine they love – perhaps with their friends, they want to be guided by knowledgeable yet approachable experts, meet the producers and sample the wines. These are the people that Burgundy wine specialists Elden Selections are aiming to help with the launch of their new Burgundy Wine Club. With the benefit of their thirty years of experience living in the region and working with the best artisanal producers, their club represents an educational – but fun – journey. 

Wine tasting notes, food pairing guides, unique recipes, video tastings and the opportunity to take part in virtual tasting sessions all come as part of the package. Resident wine expert Dennis Sherman – based in the beautiful Domaine de Cromey – will handpick special members’ selections of wines, delivered direct to their homes, and with the benefit of no added shipping costs.

Because whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast of Burgundy wines, or you’re just starting out on getting to know this fascinating but often complex wine region, Elden are offering something for everyone, with their relaxed, down-to-earth teaching style. Crucially, it’s their time spent living among some of the world’s finest wine growers and producers that allows them to share the history, techniques and stories about wine – as well as where to find the cream of the crop. 

The world of wine can be daunting sometimes – there’s so much to learn, but wine snobs and high prices can make it seem inaccessible to the average wine enthusiast. You won’t find either at the Burgundy Wine Club – just a sharing of knowledge and recommendations among like-minded people. 

In addition to joining an interesting club, whose purpose encompasses a real journey through Burgundy, members also receive some attractive additional benefits. The enchanting Domaine de Cromey can be your home for a 4-day / 3-night stay, and there’s a chance to win a free wine tasting there worth $250. You’ll receive invitations to member-only only events held virtually in the US, and a unique wine-related Anniversary gift. And as well as the tasting notes, guides and recipes you’ll be the proud owner of 2 new wine glasses, chosen especially by Elden’s wine experts to bring out the best flavors and aromas of their wines.

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