Burgundy Wine Club pt.2

Posted by admin | January 7, 2021 | Blog

Renowned Burgundy wine experts Elden Selections, and their resident wine expert Dennis Sherman at the Domaine de Cromey, are on a journey. It’s long been their mission to bring the best wines of the small producers of Burgundy to their fans in the US – but now they’re offering a unique package of guides, experiences and wines to fans of this most revered wine region. Their brand new Burgundy Wine Club is now open for membership.

Their aim is simple – to explore not only the best of the wines of the Bourgogne, but to introduce the producers – ‘vignerons’, in French – to their fans, and show how their the terroir (land) they work on plays such a huge role in the quality of their wines. Using expert tasting notes, members can track how wines change between areas within Burgundy, as well as between producers.

Burgundy’s union of vigneron and terroir represents a partnership that has for many hundreds of years produced some of the world’s top wines. The main goal of the Burgundy producer is simple – to get the best out of the land they work on, the plots of fertile soil and rock which produce such special grapes. A great wine is an expression of the land it comes from; Elden’s aim with their Burgundy Wine Club is a simple one too – to guide members through them all. Whether it’s an exalted Grand Cru or a simple regional Bourgogne, they’re offering the wine journey of a lifetime.

Members are offered considerably more than just wine with their membership, however. Elden’s package includes hand-picked selections of wines – all without shipping fees – and the tasting notes, recommendations and recipes to go with them. In addition there are chances to win a 4-day/3-night stay at Domaine de Cromey, the charming French manor house which also offers a free time-unlimited tasting session for members worth $250. You’ll also receive two wine glasses specially selected to bring out the best in Burgundy wines, invitation to US members-only virtual events, and a unique Anniversary wine gift. 

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