Our Noble Cedar

Posted by Dennis Sherman | March 6, 2016 | Blog
Himalayen Cedar tree in the grounds of Cromey

Landscaping the gardens

Of all the ancient trees that form the canopy of the Cromey gardens, one is without a doubt the jewel in the crown.
Legend has it that in 1804, all across France, the nobility planted cedars on their properties to mark the coronation of the Emperor Napoleon. While we have not yet been able to verify this, we know of many chateaux grounds with cedars that would date from that time.
And we have one here at Cromey, a majestic Himalayan cedar that sits in pride of place, standing guard at the entry of the property and looking out over the vineyards.
We have massive gardening works in progress. One of the priorities was to clear the view from the main manoir terrace out across the park to this massive tree and the serenity of the valley below.
These two photos show first, that work underway; and secondly, our granddaughter, Aurora, who gives you some sense of scale!
Come see this magnificent tree. It’s in full view from the pool and the terraces. Come see the unbelievable gardens that we have inherited from the generations. Come to Cromey.

Cedar tree at the Domaine de Cromey

Aurora stands by the cedar tree


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