Wood-fired Bread Oven at Cromey

Posted by Dennis Sherman | December 10, 2015 | Blog

There was great excitement this week at Cromey as the new Bread Oven chimney was put on. Compared to the rest of the construction going on, this was only a tiny milestone, but a milestone it was nonetheless. We now have a working wood fired oven and a dedicated bread making space. Our oven is housed in a small brick building that lends itself perfectly to the preparation of bread. The space is an ideal proving house, and with its stone slab work surfaces is an excellent workspace for the baker amongst us. Between the team here at Cromey we have dabbled in wood fired bread making but still we have a lot to learn… we can’t wait to start.

We love bread, simple. Along with wine and cheese it is what lies at the heart of French gastronomy. Never has the ideology of ‘the simpler, the better’ been more apt than in bread making. Bread in its most basic form might only be yeast, flour, water and salt, but in its creation there is a plethora of art and science.Cromey Bread Oven

Ovens were first developed for the making of bread, and despite the way they have developed and changed, bakers and cooks still hark back to the simplicity and authenticity of the wood fired one. Controlled organically, a wood fired oven makes you the master. And it is not only bread that can be baked so beautifully in this way; roasted meat and fish are delicious when given the wood fired treatment, and as the heat dies down in the oven, slow cooked dishes also simmer their way to perfection.

Among the food and wine workshops we will be hosting for our guests we also plan to offer wood-fired bread workshops. And of course, we will be joining in the fun at the local Wood-fired Oven Bread Festival in the village.

“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” – James Beard

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