Luxury Burgundy Food and Wine Estate


Cromey: Burgundy the Beautiful

In terms of wine and wonder, Burgundy is a place apart. With the finest wines in the world, one of France’s richest culinary traditions and the glories that the great Dukes left as their legacy, Burgundy is at the same time uncrowded and undiscovered, a magnificent sweep of valleys and hills, a dream landscape as beautiful as it is unexpected.

And if Burgundy is such a place, the Domaine de Cromey is its heart. We bring 30 years’ experience and a passion for all things Burgundian to this noble place. At Cromey, Burgundy comes alive. The food and wine, the history and culture, the green, clean quality of life. We know of no one else who can take you into the real Burgundy as we do. Burgundy is where we call home. And at Cromey, we garnish our local knowledge with the personal touches that makes Burgundy your home too.

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