Posted by Ashley Cummins | 01 08 2019

If it seems like the Domaine Jean Fery came out of nowhere, in a sense it did. Jean-Louis Fery took over his parents’ estate in 1988 and made his childhood...

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Posted by Ashley Cummins | 29 07 2019

Anyone who has ever climbed down into a wine cellar for a barrel tasting remembers the charm: the dim light, the glass ‘pipette’, the swirling and spitting, the privilege of...

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Posted by Ashley Cummins | 28 05 2019

Three lucky couples will soon be coming to the Domaine de Cromey for a week in Burgundy, enjoying the delights of Elden wines, our renowned gourmet food and exclusive touring,...

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Posted by Ashley Cummins | 24 04 2019

Burgundy Wine When we left the United States in 1983, I was your typical American wine enthusiast. Having worked in the wine trade in England for a couple of years...

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Posted by Ashley Cummins | 06 03 2019

Burgundy Vintage Report 2017 If 2016 tested the faith and resolve of winemakers in Burgundy, 2017 has to be seen as recompense, and as a miracle of sorts. While the...

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Posted by Dennis Sherman | 18 02 2019

DOMAINE DE CROMEY  IN THE WORDS OF SOME WHO HAVE VISITED "It is so beautiful here.  You have done an absolutely incredible job of renovating and decorating. Your gracious, warm and loving...

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Posted by Ashley Cummins | 11 10 2018

The last time we saw Michel Arcelain, he was all smiles. He had just finished his 68th grape harvest here in Burgundy, and he said that never in all his...

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Cooked Wild Boar in a pan
Posted by Ashley Cummins | 24 08 2018

It’s always good to be home, to get back to Burgundy. But our long absence means that a huge pile of mail and a long to-do list await our return....

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vintage 2014 in a cellar
Posted by Ashley Cummins | 10 07 2018

In 2014, the violent hail storms that once again ravaged Burgundy, and pulverized (for the third consecutive year) the vines of Pommard and Volnay, broke the spirit of the region....

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2013 burgundy wine bottle in a cellar
Posted by Ashley Cummins | 03 07 2018

Burgundy 2013 was yet another small crop. The fourth in as many years. Some of it will be very good, in both red and white. But for some producers, it...

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