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The Gardens

The Cromey Gardens: The Bounty and the Beauty

The Domaine de Cromey is a luxury manor-house compound that sits within the acres of a walled-in park, with perennial plantations, herb and vegetable gardens, a conservation orchard, wild-flower meadow and a vineyard that  is coming-to-be. We draw inspiration from the beauty that surrounds us, and nurture nature with care and attention.

Great gardens transcend generations. We tend them for posterity. The Park at Cromey is a living history. Numerous century trees attest to the love of this unsullied spot  that previous owners felt. Our goal is to preserve this patrimony, improve its presentation and leave something of ourselves here for the future.

If trees and shrubbery are the framework of a garden, perennial beds and annual plantations are its decoration. Each season has its textures and colors. A well conceived garden derives its character from these elemental choices.  At Cromey, we look to indigenous species and natural habitats as we strive for a seamless transition between the garden and nature beyond.

‘Potage’ is French for ‘soup’. Welcome to the soup garden, the vegetable patch. For a cook, there is no greater pleasure than an organically grown vegetable, straight from the earth, warm from the sun. Good food is at the heart of the Cromey ethic, so the vegetable garden is in constant expansion. Organic soils and compost, cover crops and raised beds, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, no compromise.

In 2015, we planted a new orchard in the upper reaches of the vineyard.  But not just any orchard.  The Cromey plantation is called a ‘conservation’ orchard, made up of carefully chosen old varieties that are not found commercially.  Twenty-two different fruits and nuts, coming to maturity at different times in the growing season.

Natural springs stream down from the vineyards, cutting through the adjacent meadow and cascading into the lower reaches of the park, creating a natural habitat for wildlife and biodiversity for birds.  In Spring and Autumn, the grasslands of the meadow are a pasture for horses from the village. 

Above the Cromey compound are seven acres of vineyard land classified as AOC Bourgogne.  The land has been under scrub and brush for nearly 50 years.  But this year we began the long process of plantation. After a year of muddy excavation, we now have a green cover crop of rye grass wintering over. We’ve not yet decided whether to plant Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. But the adventure has begun!

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